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Customer Reviews!

Our hotel, Grand Isle, helped me find Triple A Adventures for a full day excursion and we were so pleased with their advice! Captain Mal picked us up at our hotel at 8 with another couple that had also booked the full day and took us straight to the marina where we loaded up and set out on our adventure. We fed the famous swimming pigs, swam with the sharks, snorkeled Thunderbowl grotto, walked the GORGEOUS sandbar and fed adorable the iguanas. Lunch was at this delicious cafe and we got see several celebrities homes in the islands. The guys were so kind and helpful! Our friends that are with us have never been to the Bahamas before and we’re blown away by the beauty! I am definitely coming back and booking with Captain Mal again.


Overland Park, Kansas

We had the most amazing full day adventure-snorkeling in the blue hole, swimming with pigs, petting the nurse sharks, playing with the iguanas, and delicious buffet lunch!! But the best part was the terrific crew, friendly and professional! I highly recommend you consider Triple A Adventures when planning your trip to Exuma!!!

Jean B.

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